Whether you need Engineering,

Consultancy or Fabrication

services- we can help.

Aswan specializes in all types of machining jobs (Furmonite clamp, valves seat, clamp, milling job, rotary parts, shafts, flanges etc. which are executed by our expertise workforce. With the use of High-tech equipment and facilities, we apply the latest techniques professionally with maximum quality within a reasonable cost.

It is our responsibility to supplement our clients with quality products and long-term value. This is Aswan’s mission and what truly differentiates us from the competition!

Aswan is an organization focused on building its future by continuously improving on the traditions and strengths that have brought us success since the year 2000. C.E

Civil Construction

Armed with the latest and cutting-edge equipment in the construction industry, top infrastructure company Aswan International has developed a reputation for quality and delivering projects promptly and economically


We execute major projects within the time frame presented by clients and guarantee maximum quality at a reasonable cost. We are also capable of executing on-site fabrication jobs, piping racks, and support with various sizes and materials

Mechanical Engineering

With the aid of our fully equipped workshop, our professional mechanical technicians can carry out all type of troubleshooting to solve all the problems which customers may face with regards to their industrial equipment
Your need, Our priority

Your Business, Our ingenuity

We sit down with you and after hearing your requirements, we get to work.

We keep you as a priority and work with full dedication and determination until you can actually se the magic happening.

We keep at it until you are not satisfied and we never back down from a challenge!

Seriously, we do
Target Audience
  • Industrialists
  • Factories
  • Construction Companies
  • Contractors
  • City Ifrastructure Planners
Our Specialties
  • Civil Construction
  • Electrical Services
  • Fabrication
  • Human Resources
  • Mechanical engineering

Our Partners

  • KNPC
  • KOC
  • PIC
  • Saudi Chevron
  • Hyundai Engg.
  • Khalil Bahman

If you wish to make an apple

pie from scratch, you must first

invent the universe.

Aswan International Company (AIC) is a general trading & contracting company registered in and based out of Shuaiba, West Industrial Area, Kuwait. Our core business functions generally pertain to the provision of various Mechanical & Electromechanical services.
We impart Engineering, Contracting, Maintenance, and many other facilities to our customers who hail from many core industrial sectors of Kuwait and the Gulf including major Engineering companies Procurement contractors, Oil and Gas corporations, Power producers, and Petrochemical industries.

The first is our employees - undeniably our core strength. The people at Aswan care about their fellow team members, the company, and the customers we serve. They have talent, integrity, and extraordinary dedication. Our customers have on multiple occasions, praised our people regarding their commitment to carrying out our vision to provide our customers with outstanding services.
The second great strength of our organization is the value that our superior infrastructure and vast knowledge base add to our clients. Working with us will add Integration, Fabrication, Electrical, Instrumentation, Piping, the addition of Extra Facilities, a whole host of Maintenance and Repair options are just a few of the many extra services we can provide. The list just goes on!