We execute major projects within the time frame presented by clients and guarantee maximum quality at a reasonable cost. We are also capable of executing on-site fabrication jobs, piping racks, and support with various sizes and materials.



Aswan specializes in all types of machining jobs

We are capable of machining, boring, and drilling parts for various types of heavy or light equipment including pumps, valves, generators, worn gears etc.
With requiring the drilling of holes of various sizes and depths, Boring & Radial Drilling are among some of the most specialized jobs in the world.
We can execute the jobs with maximum quality at reasonable prices.
With a dedicated workforce available on call 24 hours a day, we have the capability to execute the most demanding jobs with speed and precision in event of an emergency


We have a fully advanced and and state of the art workshop.

With the aid of our fully equipped workshop, our professional mechanical technicians can carry out all type of troubleshooting to solve all the problems which customers may face with regards to their industrial equipment such as pumps, motors, compressors, turbines, and heavy machinery featuring either diesel or petrol engines, as we did for KOC & KNPC

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Aswan has  been engaged in the construction of all kinds of structural steel fabrication such as racks, steel ladders (Monkey bars or heavy ladders), Man elevating baskets, Steel baskets etc.

Fittings and Boards

Aswan is an approved manufacturer of steel boards and ladder clamps certified by German Lloyd. We are able to produce these steel boards in various sizes, thicknesses, and colors. They can easily be customized in accordance with the client’s desires.


We are capable of fabrication, fitting –  or modifying all kinds of pipes with different MOC from 12″ up to 72″ either in the workshop or on site with quality and timely manner through our high technique certified x-ray welders and fabricators.

Heavy Structural

Our company is a leading Heavy Structural Fabricator. Before offering Industrial Structural Fabrication Works, our qualified and experienced engineers, research and development and team experts make in-depth analysis of Structural Steel Fabrication and client’s’ desired specifications and budgets so that we can meet the exact needs of customers within their budget

Qualified Valve

We hereby like to hereby introduce Aswan International Co. as a professional, certified, and qualified VALVE SHOP based on the Technical certificates presented to your performance in this field to the maximum extent of customer satisfaction.

Equipment Repair Troubleshooting and Calibrations

Repair & calibrate different types of instruments such as valve petitioners. Transducers, Detectors, limit switches, control panels ensuring that all your equipment is kept updated and reliable.

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“[ASWAN] Places the client first…has always been knowledgeable, responsive and professional…of good character and a pleasure to work with.”

Kara LucasArchitect

“Aswan International provided excellent civil engineering services…. They were very effective at managing the approval, design, and construction phases of this project. Most importantly they were great communicators and very responsive to the needs of the project.

The finished product was very cost effective and will meet the needs of our client for years to come. We look forward to working with them in the future!”

Alex CohenEngineering Supervisor

“Working with [Aswan] has been a real pleasure. They are very professional and the quality and timeliness of their work ranks among the best that I have worked with.”

Jane SmithPublic Works Director

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